How to Keep Your Kids Safe While Playing Outside

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Outdoor play is an important part of childhood – especially in summertime. Kids throughout the area will be enjoying the beauty of Ohio while having fun playing outside.

As parents, grandparents and caregivers, it’s important that our kids are safe in all situations. Although location, type of play, and the age of children involved are all important factors concerning kid’s safety, these safety tips apply in most situations:

  1. Never leave children without adult supervision when playing outside, or assign the oldest responsible child as the “supervisor.”
  2. Teach kids not to play near a street.
  3. Teach children to never run into the street after a ball or for any reason. Ask for help.
  4. Routinely check outdoor play areas for debris, animal feces, and sharp objects.
  5. Keep gas grills away from outdoor play areas.
  6. Surround electrical appliances, like air conditioners and pools, with fences so kids cannot reach them.
  7. Keep gates closed and make sure they latch properly. Use childproof latches.
  8. Lock barns, garages and storage sheds.
  9. Require kids to wear helmets when riding a bike, skateboard, roller skates, etc.
  10. Provide some shade in outdoor play spaces, either natural shade, or an awning.
  11. Cover protruding screws and bolts on play equipment with plastic caps.
  12. Safely anchor to the ground any outdoor play equipment, like swing sets.
  13. Make sure kids wear proper gear when playing sports.
  14. Apply sunscreen to kids to avoid sunburns.
  15. Teach your children how to deal with strangers.
  16. Teach kids poisonous plants and animals to avoid.
  17. Make sure kids are dressed appropriately for outdoor play. A princess costume with high heels is not a good idea when playing kickball.
  18. Give kids a whistle. It’s good tool to scare aware predators and serves as a signal when a kid needs help.

Keeping our kids safe is our most important responsibility as adults. Let them have fun outdoors and make sure they are safe while being kids!

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