Kid’s Home Alone This Summer? Teach Them These Safety Tips

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Now that school is out for summer, more children are left home alone while their parents work.

This can be a harrowing time for parents. You’ve decided that your kids are old enough and mature enough to stay home alone, yet you justifiably worry about their safety.

Here’s some tips from the American Red Cross and other sources to help keep your kids safe when home alone this summer:

Prepare Your Home

  • Remove or safely store all guns, medicines, alcohol, hand tools, ammunition, knives and any other stuff that could cause injury.
  • Put electrical outlet covers on all unused outlets.
  • Lock up all medicines so they are out of reach of the kids.
  • Make sure all poisons – things like detergents, pesticides, polishes, and lamp oil – are safely locked up and out of reach of the kids.
  • Make sure all flashlight batteries are new and that the kids know where flashlights are and how to work them.
  • Program shortcuts on smartphones so kids can simply push a number to reach an adult or emergency responder (i.e. 1 for mom, 2 for dad, 3 for police, 4 for fire, etc.).
  • Spend time with your kids to prepare an emergency plan. This plan outlines what your kids are to do in the event of injury, fire, tornadoes, emergency, etc. Write it down and put it in a place that’s easy for the kids to access.

Teach Your Children

  • To keep the doors locked and the alarm system on. Make sure they know how to use the alarm.
  • Never open the door to a stranger. No exceptions.
  • Never open the door for delivery people. Have delivery people leave packages on the front porch.
  • To never leave the house without your permission and to always let you know where they are going.
  • Don’t talk about being alone at home on social media. Predators monitor social sites.
  • Do not go outside to investigate a loud noise or something unusual. If they are concerned, teach them to call you or a designated guardian for direction.
  • To exit the home if they smell smoke or see a fire.
  • Your policy on having friends over while you are gone.

Teaching these home alone safety practices to your kids will help keep them safe and make you feel better. Do it today!

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