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Colleges right here in Ohio and across the country will soon be back in session. Students will be returning for another year as a new class of Freshman begin their college life. These students are our sons and daughters and… Read the rest
Many Ohio business owners hire temporary employees to fill short-term gaps in staff, or due to seasonal fluctuations in business. Employee theft is a big problem for all businesses, and temporary workers can pose a unique challenge regarding internal theft.… Read the rest
It’s the biggest fear of every homeowner. You’re on vacation. You’ve either left your home vacant, put it in the trusty hands of one of your kids, or asked a friend, pet sitter or house sitter to look after your… Read the rest
Many burglaries that the Columbus Police Department classifies as residential break-ins occur without anyone entering the home. Many burglars simply break into garages. Watch this video to see how easy it is to break into a garage. The garage is… Read the rest
People in Ohio love outdoor activities. A big part of being outdoors is outdoor grilling. We all love the smells and tastes from our favorite foods cooked on the grill. To keep you and your family safe while grilling, follow… Read the rest
Home security cameras bring homeowners peace of mind about protecting their home, family and assets. They’re affordable, practical and effective. Here are seven of the most common reasons homeowners install home security camera systems in Columbus: Stop Crime. A security… Read the rest

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