Halloween Safety Tips for Columbus Homeowners

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Everyone’s favorite, spooky holiday is quickly approaching and with it brings a night full of trick-or-treaters and other Halloween partygoers.  Whether you spend the night out on the town in Columbus, trick-or-treating in your local neighborhood or throwing a party at home, there are some real safety concerns this holiday.

It’s usually turning dusk to dark when the festivities begin so children and adults alike need to dress appropriately.  Pedestrians being struck by vehicles significantly increases on Halloween night, especially with children. Use bright colors in your costumes or some sort of reflective surface to let drivers know you are out there.  If you are a driver, be extra alert during Halloween.

Even walking door to door in your neighborhood poses some perils.  We all know not to send our kids out trick-or-treating alone and tell our kids to never go into a stranger’s house, even with friends.  There are less obvious dangers that lurk however.  Here are some of the other Halloween hazards to avoid.

  • Everyone should dress in a flame-resistant costume.
  • Face painting or makeup provide a better field of vision that might get blocked by wigs or masks. Masks can also cause breathing issues.
  • Make sure you bring a flashlight, it can get pretty dark and scary out there!
  • Stay on lighted walkways and sidewalks and do not approach homes unless they are participating and have their outside lights on.
  • Always check the candy your kids collect before they consume any. Try not to eat it all.

A side note on Halloween candy:  Call the police immediately if you suspect the candy was tampered with. You can call the Central Ohio Poison Center at Nationwide Children’s Hospital (1-800-222-1222) 24 hours a day if your child swallows something suspicious or potentially harmful.

If you are decorating your home and participating in the festivities, there are some things to consider if you want to ensure your guests all have a safe evening.

  • Make sure all walkways are well lit and free of any debris or trip hazards.
  • Decorations also need to be set up and placed as to not cause any harm or risk of fire.
  • Instead of using real candles in your pumpkins, use LED lights to illuminate your jack-o-lanterns.
  • Remember, if anyone gets hurt on your property, it is your responsibility.
  • Do not hand out home-made treats. Always give wrapped, store bought treats.
  • Keep an eye on your pets. They can easily get spooked by all the little ghouls in costumes.
  • Do not leave any candles burning unattended inside your home.
  • If you are throwing a party with adult beverages, do not let your guests over consume. You may want to brush up on the liability of being a social host in Columbus.
  • Never let your guests drive after drinking or get behind the wheel yourself if you have had any alcoholic beverages.

We hope you all have a “spooktacular” time this Halloween!  Be safe out there! Happy Halloween!

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