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Home Security Systems

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Sterling Protective Services provides the best and most up-to-date, affordable, custom designed, home security systems and electronic protection products and services. Our extensive line of offerings includes: home alarm systems, smart home monitoring, camera surveillance, fire monitoring, carbon monoxide monitoring, flood detection and more. Please click below for more information.

Home Automation

You don’t operate on a fixed schedule. Why should your home?

Sterling Protective Services home automation systems are designed for how you really live, offering a wireless connected platform that makes your home safer, smarter and more enjoyable than ever. Control everything in your home from your smartphone, tablet or web enabled device including: lights, temperature, door locks, garage doors and more. Sterling Protective Services are the home automation experts in Columbus and Central Ohio.

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Home Security Cameras

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Thanks to developments in technology, video surveillance for home owners has never been more affordable, better quality or easier to use. Sterling Protective Services offers multiple options for home video surveillance systems. Monitor what is happening in your home in high definition in real-time right from your smartphone!

How do you pick the right video surveillance system for your home?

The first step is to determine precisely what the purpose of the system will be. Is it specifically to monitor a swimming pool area? The driveway? The backyard? Keep in mind, the more areas you want to monitor, the more complex and expensive the system will become. Be realistic about your priorities and budget.

The old adage “you get what you pay for” definitely applies to camera systems. Be careful about products offered online at incredibly cheap prices. Be aware that video surveillance kits from Big Box stores are generally lower quality, older technology and are strictly “Do it Yourself”. If you are not tech savvy or your handyman skills are rusty, than trying to wire your home and property for cameras and then program the NVR or DVR will be frustrating at best, a large waste of resources at worst. Note that very few Professional Security companies will work with equipment you purchased from a big box retailer.

Do you want images stored on site on your own hardware? Or do you want storage online? Online storage is possible, convenient and possibly more secure. But budget for a monthly subscription fee and space limitations.

Is the purpose of the cameras simply to record images so they can be retrieved at a later date if needed? Or is the system about remote access and real time look-in service? If you are thinking about a system for a cottage or seasonal dwelling you need to know that you will have to provide high speed internet service 24/7 to have remote access and video look in service. Include that cost in your budget.

Will you need indoor or outdoor cameras? Or a combination of both? ALL reliable video surveillance cameras need to be wired, there are no 100% wireless reliable cameras available. Be realistic about where the cameras will be located. Unless you have an unlimited budget for trenching and cabling, cameras will need to be located on one building where wiring can be achieved with reasonable effort. Cameras needed for outdoor application in Ohio need to be specifically designed to operate in all kinds of weather conditions and temperatures. A cheaper indoor camera may work fine in August but in December there will be no images and the camera may be permanently damaged by moisture and freezing.

If you are not sure of your future needs, keep your options open when purchasing a Video Surveillance system. Purchase an NVR or DVR with excess data storage and the capacity to add more cameras at a later date.

Your Sterling Protective Services can help you determine what system is best for you and your budget.

Life & Home Safety

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In addition to home security systems, Sterling Protective Services offers additional Life Safety monitoring products and services to ensure your family is safe. Sterling Protective Services offers professional grade smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and flood detectors, that will integrate with your home security or home automation system. These professionally monitored life and home safety devices provide the earliest possible warning and summon professional assistance when needed.

Alarm Monitoring

What is home alarm monitoring?

Most alarm systems are designed to perform two things when they are activated.

1) To activate a siren if the alarm is tripped to alert occupants, neighbours and an intruder.

2) To contact an outside professional security call center that can respond to an alarm on your behalf.

The UL listed Central Monitoring Station provides home alarm monitoring 24/7 with staff professionally trained to respond to emergencies. In the event, a homeowner is unable to respond a monitoring station operator can notify emergency contacts of an event, and most importantly, dispatch authorities to assist.

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What are the benefits of home alarm monitoring?

The installation of a “local” alarm system does provide some benefit by providing a local alert.

However, professional monitoring is essential to truly maximize the benefit of an alarm system. Even with modern technology and the seemingly constant connectivity of smartphones, home security is serious business. Yes it’s good to get alerts to your smart phone. But response to an alarm needs to be immediate and cannot wait until after a business meeting, after you get off an airplane, after your battery recharges, or after you get out of a dead cellular zone.

Additionally, alarm systems today offer much more than burglary detection. Floods can have several causes, most commonly a frozen pipe that bursts or a washing machine malfunction. With climate change, there have been many more incidents of flooding due to extreme temperature fluctuations and flash storms overwhelming sewer systems. Insurance rates and deductibles for flood-related damage have skyrocketed. A Flood detector can detect leaking water BEFORE it causes significant damage to your home.

Sterling Protective Services provides alarm monitoring for all of central Ohio.