Fire, Carbon Monoxide & Flood Detection

01 Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detection

Smoke detector

Monitoring for fire and carbon monoxide provide a significant boost to life safety in your home. While local detectors purchased from a big box store, will alert you when you are at home. Monitored smoke detectors take it to another level. Now with professional grade devices installed and connected to your alarm system, enjoy professional monitoring services whether you are home or not.

Not only will the monitoring station send help when you need it, they will also monitor the status of your detectors. You will be alerted when batteries are running low, keeping you safe day in and day out. Monitoring for fire can be an insurance requirement, so let us make you compliant. It can also reduce your insurance premiums.

02 Flood Detection

You may have a sump pump in your basement, or a laundry room on the 2nd floor. Or maybe just an older house that might be susceptible to a frozen pipe. Whatever the situation, every house has some vulnerability to a flood and will benefit from monitored flood detection sensors. Many insurers have very high deductibles for flood damage, others offer no coverage at all. Early detection is the key to prevent damage or keep damage costs to a minimum.

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