Home Automation

Honeywell Total Connect 2.0

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There was a reason why you chose to install a monitored alarm system. You wanted to protect what matters most to you. Now with Total Connect 2.0 you can take it to the next level. You can have even more control at the touch of your smartphone.

You can get notifications when the cleaning service or dog walker arrives. Check your cameras through your App to see what the kids are up to. Get event notifications to alert you of a flood, a furnace failure, the liquor cabinet opening, or a garage door you forgot to close.

The Total Connect smart ecosystem is continually growing, allowing you to connect your home security system with other connected brands you love – and control them from within Total Connect.

Remote Arm & Disarm

You no longer need to wonder if you remembered to arm your system in your rush to leave in the morning. Checking status is simple. When you need to disarm to let in a contractor, do so from your office with the convenience of just opening an App on your phone. A virtual keypad is always with you anywhere you have an internet connection.

Man arming alarm system with smart watch

Access from anywhere

Home security camera views on iPad

Now, being on vacation, at work or on business in another country does not stop you from keeping tabs on your home. Anywhere you have your smartphone and an internet connection, Total Connect lets you view your cameras, alarm status, temperature of your home, and even start the coffee maker. You can even monitor more than one property from the same app! So yes, keep tabs on the cottage and your home.