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Home Monitoring Services

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The installation of an alarm system does provide some benefit by providing a local alert.

However, professional monitoring is essential to truly maximize the benefit of an alarm system. Even with modern technology and the seemingly constant connectivity of smartphones, home security is serious business. Response to an alarm needs to be immediate and cannot wait until after a business meeting, until you get off an airplane, or out of a dead cellular zone.

Additionally, alarm systems today offer much more than burglary detection. Floods can have several causes, most commonly a frozen pipe that bursts or a washing machine malfunction. With climate change, there have been many more incidents of flooding due to extreme temperature fluctuations and flash storms overwhelming sewer systems. Insurance rates and deductibles for flood-related damage have skyrocketed. A Flood detector can detect leaking water BEFORE it causes significant damage to your home.

Life Safety has never been more important as our lives get busier and busier. With monitored Carbon Monoxide and Smoke detectors your family can be protected and alerted24/7, whether you are home or not.

Sterling Protective Services provides alarm monitoring for all of central Ohio.